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Okay so I'm not exactly sure how this "community" dealy works....but I'm gonna post something and see what happens. Hey ism...whats the point of this is we can read each others entries...oh sigh I'm so confused. Anyhoo

I would like to give a big shout out too all my beautiful mo's who are currently a member of this thing and to all the future lover mo's who will join this eventually.

maybe we can use this to set up events with the mo's. For example our trip to quarters this coming wednesday at 4:30. Now since ism doesn't like quarters (does anyone really) and suggested pheonix (which I'm not 100% down with) maybe we should venture off campus *gasp* I dunno how bimo feels about it...but how about all you can eat sushi...mmmmmmm sushi.....mmmm sooooo good?!?! Any thoughts? Oh and I have been thinking that within the next month we should have some other sort of event...

I have a few theme ideas...they are as follows

the first annual Queers and Beers: We each buy a very unique six pack (or twelve depending on the amount of people) and share our beer with everyone else so we can try and bunch of new types of beer

Super high: super nintendo classics + weed. The we can help bimo with some of the weed she has from halloween before it gets too rank to smoke.

we and wiiii (if I get an nintendo wi): name is self explanitory
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